How To Safely Remove Wildlife Waste From Your Property’s Attic

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If the wild has inhabited your home or building, you’ll more than likely find animal waste in several areas. Once the animal(s) has been safely removed by professional wildlife control services, you should quickly and safely restore the damages and clean the waste the squirrels, raccoons, pigeons or even possums have left behind. Here are some tips to remove the waste and clean your attic efficiently and safely.

Wear The Proper Safety Gear

Animal feces can be severely hazardous to your health and you should never handle any animal droppings without protective gear. Make sure to wear gloves, a mask and clothes you do not mind immediately disposing of after completion. Be careful not to leave any skin exposed that can come into direct contact with any damaged or soiled areas. Wildlife animal waste may contain dangerous diseases that can be easily passed on when breathing in the feces’ toxins or touching the waste directly. The right gear will help to avoid these issues and keep you protected when cleaning up the attic in your home or building.

Remove Animal Droppings

Most animals that sneak into the attic typically leave small droppings throughout the attic and insulation, which makes it almost impossible to remove by hand. The best way to remove large amounts of small droppings is to use a vacuum with a long hose to all the infected areas. Be sure to also use a vacuum with a filter and disinfect the vacuum afterwards. If the droppings are larger, make sure to wear gloves and even wrap a bag around your hand to remove. Then, you can easily turn the bag inside out and immediately seal the droppings.

Remove And Replace Attic Insulation

Even once the feces have been removed, it’s still important to clean up all areas due to nesting debris and urine. Look for insulation that seems to be soiled or crusted with urine and remove that area from the basement. Have the replacement insulation ready but wait until the attic is completely clean before installing. Make sure to inspect every inch of the attic so nothing is left behind because these little critters can sneak and fit into the smallest openings. You should be wearing the proper safety gear throughout the cleaning process.

Use Disinfectants To Eliminate Pathogens And Odors

After everything has been removed, it’s time to disinfect the area to remove harmful pathogens and the potent odors that will be left behind. Use disinfectants that are safe for your family and pets but can still effectively get the job done. This will help to eliminate pheromone odor, which can attract more animals to invade the basement again. Make sure to thoroughly disinfect the whole basement and finally, finish up with the final touches.

However, if you find that your basement is going to need extensive restoration that seems too complex to do yourself, you should consult with professional wildlife removal services that can help you take the appropriate steps of action. They will also be able to provide wildlife prevention services so that this issue won’t happen again.


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