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At empire wildlife removal services We offer professional, friendly services in all areas of wildlife or animal eradication both residential and commercial properties in Ontario including,

Squirrel Control
Raccoon Control
Bat  Control
Skunk Control and more

Empire Wildlife Control in Ontario truly is your one stop shop for all things wildlife related. We are the Only  company of it’s kind that can offer customers full wildlife removal and repairs caused by wildlife such as raccoon ‘ squirrels , birds , bats , mice , ground hogs and more .   We set the standard for customer service and satisfaction. Our number one objective is to make this already stressful situation as stress free as possible in Ontario And with our 5 year guarantee we stand behind our work proudly.  Affordable rates same day services and emergency services in Ontario. Call today free quote


We’re certified professionals and good listeners and love to help are customers.
We service all pest control wildlife removal Durham Region York region from raccoon storm birds skunks mice rats all wildlife all cites in between Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, bomanviille, Markham, uxbridge, stoufville, Newmarket,  thornhill, Richmond hill and more
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